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The AlizAh Project


Just A Normal Day

Alizah before her accident having a normal Saturday of playing with friends and family.


Hospital Stay

Rushed via ambulance, Alizah was cared for by Banner Cardon PICU staff


Celebrating 2!

Alizah made a full recovery and was able to celebrate her 2nd birthday with a drive-thru birthday celebration of family and friends!

Just A TypicAl SAturdAy...

filled with cleaning, laundry, and having friends over. We never thought our lives would change. 

Like most families, we taught our kids the rules around the pool. Our boys, Roman and Gabriel know how to swim, whereas the girls, Ariella and Alizah still use life jackets. Our kids played with our friends' kids in the pool while the four adults were hanging around the pool talking. The kids got out to go jump on the trampoline, so I took the girl's swimming vests off. After jumping and playing outside of our pool area, the kiddos wanted popsicles. Alizah wanted a different popsicle so we went inside to get her one. Once we returned Ariella, Gabriel, and our friend's kids were already swimming again while our oldest, Roman hung out inside. I sat back down with Alizah by my side & continued chatting with the other adults as the kids played. 


A few minutes passed & my husband Sam asked where Alizah was. I kind of shrugged because she usually will play not too far away. Sam asked our oldest Roman if Alizah was with him and I heard Roman say no. Then Sam called out "ALIZAH" - recognizing the tone in his voice, I immediately began looking around. In an instant, I saw a lifeless Alizah floating by the pool stairs. I rushed over, pulled her out by her tiny little swim diaper, and immediately started CPR. Time was a blur as I screamed for someone to call 911 and Sam started mouth to mouth. A flurry of first responders arrived - firefighters, police, and an ambulance.

As we arrived at the trauma room of Banner Cardon, one of the firefighters gave me a thumbs up. I wasn't sure what this meant but I prayed for it to be good. I heard Alizah crying as they closed the curtains and while the doctors and nurses called out numbers, stats, and began taking X-rays, I focused on making sense of everything I could hear. As doctors began to stabilize Alizah, we were moved up to the PICU but she was still in critical condition. After 4 days of being medicated, sedated and countless X-rays, CT Scans, and MRIs, Alizah was allowed to go home with instructions on completing respiratory, occupational, and physical therapy appointments along with a follow-up appointment with her primary care physician. With a grateful heart, we are happy to report Alizah celebrated her 2nd birthday on August 15th and has made a full recovery. We are thankful and grateful to all who supported us during our time of need and we have an abundance of appreciation to the Guadalupe Firefighters who rushed in and saved Alizah. We are forever grateful for your kindness and service to our community.

Sam Aguilar and Brandi Stoll


When unexpected events happen, a "Go Bag" for an overnight or week-long hospital stay is never planned for and that is exactly what happened to Alizah's mother when Alizah was rushed to Banner Cardon Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

During her stay, the PICU was able to provide her with some items they had on hand, but the need for various toiletries and other items are needed for both the kids and parents.

To show her gratitude to the PICU floor nurses, staff and doctors, we have created

The Alizah Project to collect items to fill their closet.

Below is a list of items we are collecting:


~travel size bottles preferred~

Body Wash • Soap • Shampoo • Conditioner • Lotion • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Floss • Kleenex Tissue • Deodorant   Razors • QTips • Feminine Products • Hair Brush/Comb • Hair Ties


Comfort Items

Comfy Socks • Slippers • Flip-Flops • Adult Blankets • Pajama Pants • Beanie Caps



Word Search Books • Suduko • Adult Coloring Books • Kids Coloring Books • Crayons • Colored Pencils • Pens • Pencils • Kids Books • Puzzles • Board Games • Video Games • Anything Legos • Craft Kits • Fidget Spinners  

Fidget Popping Toys • Play-Doh • Stuffed Animals • Baby Dolls



Snack & Trail Mix • Dried Fruit • Cheese, Peanut Butter Crackers • Cookies • Granola, Protein, Breakfast Bars 

 Chips/Pretzels • Popcorn • Fruit Snacks • Applesauce • Candy Bars • Gum • Breath Mints

Gift Cards

Various Restaurant Gift Cards • Grubhub/Uber Eats/Postmates Gift Cards • Grocery Store Gift Cards  

Gas Gift Cards • Uber/Lyft Gift Cards

All donations can be shipped or dropped off at

Armer Foundation For Kids

9830 S 51st St  Ste A128

Phoenix, AZ 85044

*If shipping, please include "The Alizah Project" in notes or gift message*

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To make a monetary donation to Logan's Healing Sounds Musical Therapy Memorial, click the donation button below.

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