Abby's Story

Abigail Tessa ( age 3)  Her favorite colors are Pink & Purple. She like to watch Spider-man, &  Peppa pig, and  she loves the water, swimming is a "Blast".


Abby was diagnosed with Childhood Non-Hodgkin's acute T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma on June, 21st 2019.

Her journey began with a lump on her right collar/neck lymph-node, Her mom Jazmine was worried so she took her to the doctor. They decided to keep her and run tests and they released her to go home 48 hours later. She was then diagnosed and back in the hospital and aggressive treatments began. Abby's port was placed on the left side of her chest . Spinals & Chemo & shots are a part of her therapy sometimes daily and some weekly.

She has been hospitalized multiple times for reactions to her treatments. One of which was Pancreatitis ( VERY SCARY)  Abby was released and then 24 hrs readmitted due to an infection. Her smile is contagious and you just can not help but want to move heaven and earth for her to feel better. 




Ryker,  is a wonderful and smart little four-year-old boy. 
so much. He turned five September 13 and he received the worst birthday present ever!

Ryker started getting very sick at the end of July. After continuous doctor and emergency room visits, his family finally had a diagnosis. The dreaded words a parent ever wants to hear, it was cancer. The day before he

was diagnosed, he was barely able to walk and could not lift his arm. His family was advised he had type B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He is a new cancer patient, so he has not had any blood transfusions to date. He will have them at some point during his treatment though.  He gets sad at times about his port, but he is handling everything like a champ. 
ahead of us.


Hopefully by his 8th birthday we can celebrate with a clean bill of health. Fingers crossed!