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Diagnosis: Perthes Disease
Last Update: 2/6/23

Meet Riley. An energetic 12-year-old battling Perthes disease - a rare childhood disease affecting the blood flow to the femoral head causing it to crumble and die.  In the past two years, she has endured various surgeries and treatment plans, such as core decompression with bone marrow aspiration, hip distraction with an ex-fixator, and physical therapy twice a week; she is still in tremendous pain and misses multiple school days.

Ultimately, Riley needs a full-hip replacement to alleviate the debilitating pain she endures, but because of her age, it cannot happen until her growth plates close at age 15.  Riley's next step is an Osteotomy since her bone is growing back, but not enough to fit in her socket.  According to her doctors, an Osteotomy procedure will delay the need for a full-hip replacement until her mid-twenties.

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