You have 5 children and 1 has cancer, what do you do?

What do you do when you have 5 children and one is fighting for their lives against cancer? You do everything that you humanly can, drive at night doing door dash to put food on your table. That is what one father is doing to help his son fight. This is just one story of what many parents are facing and not knowing that there are resources that can help.

We were approached by the social worker at the Cardon Children’s Oncology Clinic because this father just wanted a decent bed for his son to sleep on. After hearing the story about his time in the service and what he is doing to support his family the Armer Foundation For Kids had a mattress delivered to his home and with a simple post on social media with people wanting to help healthy foods were delivered so that he could make a difference.

It is very heartwarming to know that just by giving the gift of what some of us take as a luxury like a decent mattress makes all the difference and this is what we received from his nurses:

“My nurse just called the father and they did receive that as well as the food, they are extremely grateful and he said that “that was the best nights sleep Lorenzo has ever had”.

Thank you again!”

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