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Meet NAsh


Diagnosis: Hepatoblastoma
Last Update: 2/6/23

Meet Nash - a 2-year-old battling Hepatoblastoma. In April 2022, a large knot in Nash's side warranted a quick trip to his pediatrician and a​recommendation for an x-ray or ultrasound. His CT scan shows four large tumors, and his blood results predict Hepatoblastoma or cancer within his liver.


Easter Sunday holds a liver biopsy and MRI, both crucial to determining a diagnosis and go-forward plan. His test results confirm the doctor's suspicions - Hepatoblastoma. During surgery, the surgeon found resection is not possible. One tumor is closer to the main blood vessel than expected - meaning it is unsafe to remove. The surgeon had to close him up without completing the resection. Nash needs a liver transplant.

​In November 2022, Nash received a liver transplant and is now CANCER-FREE! The staff of Phoenix Children's hospital presented Nash with a stuffed liver toy and a celebratory walkout of the hospital. He is now at home with his new liver and family!

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