meet kyla


We would love to introduce you to Kyla, a 5-year-old living in Queen Creek. As always, medical emergencies come when no one is expecting them. Kyla's mother Courtni, is a full-time caregiver to their two daughters and has stepped into a new role tackling home-schooling Kyla. Kyla's father, Spencer, the sole financial provider is a military veteran that spent 7 years fighting for our country.

On Easter morning when she should have been finding eggs and joining the family, five-year-old Kyla underwent emergency brain surgery to place a shunt to relieve the swelling caused by the tumor there. Her amazing mama Courtni and daddy Spencer Hendrickson are right there with her in that pediatric ICU as she faces more brain surgery and the necessary medical treatments and recovery that is going to need to happen next. We don’t know where this road is leading for Kyla, but she needs her mama and daddy there beside her every step of the way. Spencer is the provider for their family, and he is absolutely needed to be with his baby girl and family right now. Please help in any small way you can to support this amazing family while they are parent warriors for Kyla. She has a big sister Kloe, and cousins, aunts, uncles, and loving grandparents who desperately need and love this girl. She is such a bright shining star that was given to us by God. All your prayers and support will go so far in helping Kyla in her fight. Thank you so much for all your help for this beautiful family."

Update: She just got back to her room. The doctor said it went well and he feels he was able to get it all. Kyla has an MRI in the morning to make sure that all was removed. Results are pending on what type of tumor it is. We ask for continued prayers as Kyla still has a long road ahead of her.

Update: We talked with Neurosurgeon and Oncologist. The pathology report shows the tumor is a pilocytic astrocytoma which is low grade and slow-growing. They both feel we need to go back in to try and remove the rest. With that being said Kyla is scheduled for another long day of surgery tomorrow morning at 7:15 am. Today we are going to enjoy the day with lots of activities, getting to sit in the chair and not the bed, and hanging out with daddy and her aunt. Please continue to pray for Kyla, for her surgery tomorrow, and for the road of healing ahead. I also ask that you pray for her sister Kloe as she navigates this road alongside her sister.

MRI update: The doctor is pleased with the look of the MRI! Now starts the process of healing and if she needs a permanent shunt or not. So please pray for her healing and that she doesn't need a permanent shunt put in.

Update: (4/21/21)

It is a great day!!! Kyla is out of the hospital and we are on our way home!! We are on the road of follow-ups and monitoring to avoid ever being in this emergency situation again. We can not even express how thankful and grateful we are for all the prayers, love, and support we have received through this crazy time!