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Diagnosis: Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma
Last Update: 2/6/23

Meet Kyla - a 7-year-old battling Juvenile Pilocytic Astrcytoma who endured emergency brain surgery to place a shunt to relieve the swelling in her brain. After speaking with a Neurosurgeon and Oncologist, she was diagnosed with Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, and another surgery scheduled to remove the tumor. 


After surgery, Kyla had a long road ahead of her with ongoing MRIs to monitor for tumor growth, headaches, or other issues. Her next MRI is in May 2023, and she attends physical therapy every other week. She requires eye appointments every three months with an Optical Coherence Tomography scan to monitor her retinas and is on the waitlist for occupational therapy at Phoenix Children's Hospital. 


Kyla's mother Courtni, is a full-time caregiver to their two daughters (Kloe and Kyla), and her father, Spencer, is a military veteran and the sole financial provider for their family.

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