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Kailyn Car Injuries

Diagnosis: Car Injuries

Last Update: 11/21/21

As many of you have already heard, Luke Hinkle and Laura Myers 10 year old daughter Kailyn (aka Kiki) was involved in a horrible accident Saturday, August 15, 2020. She was struck by a boat trailer in a parking lot, drug underneath and pinned at the hips by the axle when the paramedics arrived. She sustained life threatening internal injuries including: 9 rib fractures, lacerated left kidney, a contusion on her left lung causing blood to pool in her chest cavity and a large plural effusion. She was admitted to the pediatric ICU at Cardon Children's Hospital where she has remained there for 10 days. Her injuries required a chest tube to drain the fluid from around her lung. She also sustained severe burns from the asphalt (road rash) on her face, hands, arms and torso. Her family was devastated! Although she is recovering, she has a very long road ahead. She will require multiple therapies for an extended period of time and around the clock care at home. Your online donations are greatly appreciated or we invite you to join us for a great cause and good time at the Caring for Kiki golf outing Sunday October 4, 2020 at the Ahwatukee Country Club. 

August 20, The lung procedure was a success, as of now they have delayed the surgery to plate all the broken ribs together. She is starting to breath better on lower oxygen levels. Stood up for the first time and was able to sit long enough to get hair washed and braided. The progress in these last few days has been amazing. Doctors are still amazed with the courage and strength she has showed. The nurses are like she is stronger than me!!! Kiki response, Yea I’m a Hinkle!! Scaring and bruising on face continues to improve. The road rash and abrasions are very sore for her and the eye, so I’ll save everyone from that pain. Thanks again for all the love and support.

August 25, Doctor released Kiki today. Long road ahead with nurses, physical and occupational therapist coming to the house. Hopefully she will be more comfortable at home.

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