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Diagnosis: Ewing Sarcoma

Last Update: 12/7/21

At just 15 years, Julia was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma after a six-inch tumor on her pelvis was found. After various scans and bloodwork, her physicians concluded it had not spread but was localized in her hip. She learned treatment would consist of six rounds of chemotherapy over 3.5 months and then surgery to remove it. With each round of chemotherapy began the grueling side effects, but as each round ended, the tumor began shrinking. It shrunk to 13% of its original size and is necrotic (dead) and cystic (fluid-filled). 


On December 2, 2021, Julia underwent a 14.5-hour surgery to remove the tumor and then endured a "double-barrel surgery" to stabilize her pelvis. She has six screws and one plate in her pelvis, plus one screw by her ankle to stabilize it. Julia is currently on the Oncology floor of Phoenix Children's Hospital and recovering from her grueling surgery. 

Julia will be in a wheelchair for three months, crutches another three months, and then a good amount of Physical Therapy to be able to walk again. 

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Julia's Journey

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