9/23/19 So today while doing my normal routine I got to thinking which is a scary thought if you know me. I never saw myself actually sitting down and writing while on this journey. So...here goes. I went to day to drop off more stuff for the kids closet at the Cardon Children's Oncology Clinic and a young boy I am guessing about 10 was getting his vitals taken right next to the closet asked told the nurse it was about time that they got some new stuff in the closet and if it was anything good. Well I popped my head over and asked what he would like to see in the closet. He said of course Xbox and some points card which I know nothing about. Well his mom was mortified that he was telling me this and that he didn't need anything, I then find out from his nurse never once has he accepted anything and wanted the other kids to have it. So thank goodness for google and I found out how to send him a digital gift card via the clinic's social worker. He never asked never wanted and that is my hero of the day....

It is selfless acts of kindness that puts a smile of their faces and it made everything that I was facing today seem so petty.  I will continue to keep seeking donations 


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