Matt and Jennifer Armer started the foundation in the beginning of 2019. While getting the HVAC company up and running, they started meeting all the amazing community members in Ahwatukee. Jennifer was consistently helping everyone and volunteering her time. Matt approached Jennifer with the idea of starting her own Nonprofit, Jennifer did not hesitate. From Matt growing up with Type-1 Diabetes and Jennifer watching a close friend lose her 10 year-old daughter to cancer, she knew her foundation was going to support Children with medical needs. In October of 2020 they enlisted Jennifer's daughter, Rebecca, to help with the foundation and HVAC business full time. 


This is Becca, she left her career as a retail manager to work for Jennifer and Matt's HVAC company. While working for the HVAC company , Becca now has time to be able to help bring in new ideas for the Foundation.