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Meet Deyla

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Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma


Meet Deyla- a 5-year-old with Neuroblastoma. In December of 2022, Deyla woke up with a leg ache and saying it hurts to walk and complained over the next few days. After being told it was probably growing pains, Deyla started to see a chiropractor. Fast forward to the end of June 2023 Deyla was taken to the emergency room crying saying her chest was hurting so an x-ray was done. Deyla was transferred to PCH for more advanced x-rays and a second opinion of the results.  PCH performed a cat scan and a MRI. That is when Deyla's mom found out her daughter had a mass in her chest, which could be a cancerous tumor. They were admitted and a biopsy was completed, a few days later she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor called neuroblastoma, which is a very aggressive cancer. Deyla will have a long road of chemo ahead of her.

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