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Catalina Bender
Diagnosis: Epilepsy & Cerebral Palsy
Last Updated:  1/25/22

At 15-weeks-old, Catalina was rushed to Banner PICU with multiple seizures and vomiting. During her time there, she underwent a battery of tests, including EEGs to monitor brain activity, MRIs, and various other tests to determine the cause of her seizures. She spent more than a week at Banner PICU as they treated her ongoing seizures with medication and was transported to Phoenix Children's Hospital for additional care and treatment.

During her stay at Phoenix Children's Hospital, Catalina continued to have multiple seizures, temperature spikes, and ​medication adjustments to keep her seizures at a minimum. After another round of EEGs, MRIs, and other tests, they found inflammation in the white matter of her brain due to an infection. The inflammation in her brain has caused her sight, hearing, and limb movement control to be impacted. She underwent surgery to have a G-tube (permanent feeding tube) inserted directly into her stomach for nutrients, medications, and fluids.

Catalina is a happy toddler and continues to improve with physical therapy, medication, and ongoing monitoring. 

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