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Diagnosis: B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Last Update: 6/8/22

Meet Brooks - a 3-year-old whose cancer journey started in March 2022. After a week of unknowns and invasive diagnostic procedures, our sweet 3-year-old, Brooks, was diagnosed with Leukemia on 3/12/22. While shattered and oftentimes overwhelmed by the journey ahead, we are ready to support our tough kiddo as he goes through treatment. Brooks' leukemia treatment is ever-changing. He receives various chemos through his port and spine. As you can imagine, the chemo is brutal on his body.  Some drugs cause him to lose his gross motor skills and suffer from nerve pain. Brooks' treatment will be about 3 years with numerous hospital stays and clinic visits. Taylor and I are very fortunate that we live in a city with access to an exceptional children's hospital. Phoenix Children's hospital has been our "home away from home" during the last few months.


Our other two kiddos, Ellie (7) and Jack (5) have been amazing during this time. Although their lives changed in a blink of an eye, they seem to be doing well and learning true empathy by watching their little brother tackle this mountain. 


We would appreciate prayers for Brooks' treatment and for God to continue to provide our family with his strength.

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