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Last Update: 2/6/23

Meet Andrew - a 16-year-old who developed Cerebral Palsy after suffering a brain injury just after birth. His auto-immune disorder was not accurately diagnosed until about 2 years ago. His conditions are non-life threatening, but they are life-limiting, negatively impacting his quality of life.

At the age of 4 years old his parents made the decision to switch Andrew to homeopathic medical care, as western medicine was making him feel worse. However, this decision has left Andrew's parents, Andrew Sr. and Kellie, drowning financially. They have had to pay for ALL of Andrew's medical treatments entirely out-of-pocket for the last 12 years. Andrew Sr. is a high school teacher and Kellie previously worked as a mental health/social worker for children before she had to leave the workforce to be a full-time caregiver for Andrew.  

To learn more about Andrew's health journey visit his blog at Pray For Andrew.

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