The Alizah project's
Drive-thru birthday drive


The Alizah Project was created after a non-fatal drowning occurred to a sweet toddler named Alizah. During her week-long hospital stay, Alizah's mother quickly realized she had no time to pack a "Go Bag" of necessity items and relied on a small donation closet at the hospital. 

Thankfully, Alizah fully recovered and her parents are advocating for water safety along with collecting items to restock the hospital's PICU and Oncology Units donation closet.

To celebrate Alizah's upcoming 3rd birthday, we are hosting a Drive-Thru Birthday Drive on 

August 20, 2022


Armer Foundation For Kids Thrift Store

9830 S. 51st St. Ste A128  Phoenix, AZ 85044

We'll be collecting items from our Amazon Wishlist along with those listed below to replenish the hospital's donation closet.

Basketballs • Footballs • Soccer Balls • Art Kits 
~in all sizes~

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